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Awesome things to do in aylesbury 

Are you around Aylesbury and looking around for somewhere to relax? Aylesbury is a great place just miles from where the sea is in Buckinghamshire. We compiled exciting pieces for you here on some great things to do in Aylesbury. Some hotels, local attractions, and events you can't afford to miss while visiting this perfect area are listed too.

Extra information about things to do in aylesbury

In Aylesbury, there are several events and local attractions for people like you to visit. You cannot miss awesome activities to attend to in Aylesbury. This small sea area has excellent places for both local and international tourists.

Some Local Attractions and Events

King's Head

The former coaching house now houses the Farmer's Bar still a hubbub of social activities. Stocked is draught ales from the local Chiltern Brewery.

The Chiltern Brewery

You get a memorable tour of the brewhouse while visiting it. The great taste of a beer and food tasting and snacks like cheeses, chutneys, and pickles is all you will experience once you are at the brewery. Not forgetting the complimentary beer one offered on arrival.

Roald Dahi Children's Gallery

This museum play host to both adults and children alike. It is designed to motivate science and history interests that feature through a plethora of the characters and stories of Roald Dahi. You won't leave the gallery without smiling as frequently described as walking into 'a huge pop-up book.'

Looking for hotel service in Aylesbury, check out this hotel near the local exciting attractions and events that we have listed above.

One of the many hotels to check out:

Hartwell House

This beautiful House and Spa situated on the outskirts of Aylesbury. How about having coffee in Great Hall? A great opportunity not to miss this treat! Not forgetting the excellent hospitality you will receive while taking your morning coffee, lunch, or afternoon.

Benefits of these attractions and events to hotels nearby

These attractions and events receive quite a good number of visitors, thus giving hotels a chance to offer meals and drinks to the guests. The hospitality in these hotels also encourages longer stay for the guests, unlike other areas where activities are limited, thus little guest traffic.


Use this piece as your guide to move around this unique place and feel the real experience here. Fun and laughter are all you need to excite yourself with the most exciting things to do in Aylesbury today.